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The Center for Animal Lovers (CAL) was founded in 2004 by a group of individuals concerned about the protection of nature and animals.  CAL’s focus is providing better living conditions for animals and protecting the environment.

Our mission is:

  1. Caring for and protecting animals and the environment as integral elements of the ecosystem.
  2. Providing suitable living situations for pets and wildlife and protecting their natural environments.
  3. Attending to sick and homeless animals by providing veterinary services and food.
  4. Protecting endangered species and the ecosystem.
  5. Educating society about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment and educating to improve society’s relationship with the animals.
  6. Raising people’s conscientiousness in regard to caring for the health of animals.
  7. Reporting news of the living situations of pets and wildlife; exposing violators and abusers of animals and of the environment.

This society is non-governmental, non-profit, and not political. Its focus is reaching its long-term goals and ideals, free of any organized secular or political group’s involvement. 

This society is thus fully independent from any other organization. Members are from different corners and layers of society, people who have united to work toward the same ideal and goals. Participation in all activities is on a   volunteer basis, and members are free to take part based on their ability and availability. 

The society is managed by a group of five teams who overlook all operations.

The five teams of the Center for Animal Lovers:

  1. Scientific team: studying and researching the latest developments about animals and the environment; providing educational books, articles, and translations.
  2. Animal Care team: looking after sick or homeless animals as well as conducting follow up visits to adopted pets to ensure their care and well being.
  3. Artistic team: producing newsletters and advertisements, written articles, and artwork.
  4. Public relations: maintaining good relations with donors and other organizations; recruiting new donors.
  5. Financial team: raising money and funds; maintaining proper accounting of funds.