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"Hope" Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering 'it will be happier'.
― Alfred Tennyson 


Another year filled with happiness, challenges and success stories passed, and the coming year will place new ones in our path. We pray to face all of them with courage, hope and faith.
Happy and joyous New Year to all.

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Latest News:

  • 01.10.14
    Dear friends,
    We are thrilled to announce that after achieving official and legal OFAC license (LICENSE No. IA-2014-307087-1) from the U.S. Department of the Treasury for gathering financial donations in the U.S. and sending them into Iran in order to support "Center for Animal Lovers" and...
  • 27.09.14
    There are many ways to observe any of these days. On World Vegetarian Day and World Fay for Farm animals, one can prevent themselves from consumption of meats in honor of the short and miserable lives of millions of animals which end at the horrifying slaughterhouses. One can make a donation to...
  • 20.09.14
    VAFA Hashtgerd! VAFA Ghazvin! VAFA!

    Eleven years ago when we started the shelter in Hashtgerd, we would not imagine the good fortune of being able to start another branch of VAFA Animal Shelter almost a decade later. 

    It may be hard to believe, but we learned that putting together a...
  • 01.09.14
    Dear friends,
    We are trying to coordinate animal lovers who can be connected and rely on one another's help. There have been many occasions when we were in need of a friend to check out a location or condition of an animal and other necessities but did not know any one, so the job did not get...
  • 15.08.14
    Saturday August 16th is the National Day of Homeless Animals

    It is the goal of activist organizations to bring attention and awareness to this sad situation. It is through this national day's objective to educate the public about the consequences of homeless animals. You can help and...