World Veterinary Day-2014

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World Veterinary Day-2014:

The oldest substantial documents reflecting official and professional health care for domesticated animals in Persia go back to around 200 AD, - during the Sassanid Reign.
Rural and civic use of animals for cultivation, transportation, and army purposes were extremely popular. Surgeons and medical staff were constantly trained and organized to deal with such demand.
The most modern administration of such routine care was officially announced by establishment of the first veterinary school in 1932 in Persia.
(The name Persia was later changed to Iran in 1935 by the official request of the Iranian Parliament in the United Nations meeting).
In the year 2000, The World Veterinary Organization nominated its official World Veterinary Day to be the last Saturday in the month of April of every year.
The focus of this day is the welfare of animals around the world. We find this opportunity to thank all the animal-lovers and protectors, who in many ways have caused relief to any animal in need.
Of course, our special thanks and appreciation goes to our own medical staff here at VAFA under the supervision of two doctors. Thank you DR. Abedi and Dr. Khorram.
We wish everyone happiness in the new year, and hope for a better world where humans and animals find the tolerance to live in peace together.

Vafa Animal Shelter team.

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