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VAFA Hashtgerd! VAFA Ghazvin! VAFA!

Eleven years ago when we started the shelter in Hashtgerd, we would not imagine the good fortune of being able to start another branch of VAFA Animal Shelter almost a decade later. 

It may be hard to believe, but we learned that putting together a competent team of professionals and recruiting committed volunteers is harder than building a facility. Therefore, the thought of establishing another shelter only took form when we saw a group of incredibly dedicated volunteers from Ghazvin come to VAFA in Hashtgerd every Friday to help. Their hard work and sense of accountability toward the shelter and the animals was noticed by all of us and we were so impressed with their devotion and enthusiasm.

Now, we are SO pleased to let you know that thanks to the generosity of a few supporters of VAFA and the leadership of our board, we have been able to purchase a one-acre property in Ghazvin to be the home for many animals in the years to come.

Although the land acquisition was made possible by the benevolence of a handful of individuals, building a facility and its operation will require the generosity of every single one of you. We were novices when we started the Hashtgerd facility, but we have learned a great deal and want to ensure the new VAFA is an ideal and optimal shelter that will be conducive to best practices that will also result in operational cost-savings that come from having the proper facilities.

What you are willing to put forth in terms of your financial investments and philanthropic support will determine whether we can indeed build a new shelter and the quality of its construction and level of service will also be based on what you – each and every one of you – is willing to do to help.

You have seen how astute and prudent we are with managing the shelter and caring for the animals at VAFA. You have been a part of this movement with your financial support and volunteerism. Now it’s time to be a part of something exciting and momentous once again.

Please send us an email **** and let us know where you reside, and we can send you information on how to send your “gifts” for building VAFA Ghazvin and we look forward to your support so that our beloved animals can soon have a safe home. 
We appreciate all the help we can get, and you have our word that we will keep you informed of every step of the way ..

Vafa Team.

Vafa's Friend

Dear friends,
We are working on a new project! We are creating an email list of animal lovers around Iran who can be connected and rely on one another's help. There have been many occasions when we were in need of a friend to check out a location or condition of an animal and other necessities but did not know any one, so the job did not get done.
If you are willing to join this list, please send an email to  with subject line "Vafa's friend", and include your name, last name, the name of the town you reside in and if possible your phone number.
Example: Shokoofeh Rahmani, Tabriz, 8910...
Regards to all of Vafa's kind supporters,
Vafa Team.

Latest News:

  • 16.05.14
    On the May 16th, 2014, Vafa Animal Shelter was hosting a government dignitary, Mr. Hamid Reza Lashgari (The Technical Deputy Director at the Department of Environmental Protection of Alborz Province) and one Environmental Ranger accompanying him.
    Our guest was delightfully inspecting all...
  • 23.04.14
    World Veterinary Day-2014:

    The oldest substantial documents reflecting official and professional health care for domesticated animals in Persia go back to around 200 AD, - during the Sassanid Reign.
    Rural and civic use of animals for cultivation, transportation, and army purposes were...
  • 16.03.14
    In partnership with Vafa Animal Shelter, Dogs School Club will be holding a training class on March 14, 2014. Maximum number of attendees would be 50 and it's on a first come, first serve basis. Special discount is extended to those who have adopted a vafa shelter dog. . For more information...
  • 11.03.14


    This fundraiser event is being held in Tehran, THIS thursday March 13th, an Friday March 14th between the hours of 10am and 9pm.

    For more information,

    Please contact Ms Ghodrati: 0912 309-2923

  • 08.03.14
    Tree Planting at the Shelter - THIS Friday March 7, 2014

    Bus will leave Vanak Circle at Molla Sadra / Pardis street - total 3 hours at the shelter and back by 2-3pm.

    To sign up for the bus ride to/from the shelter, please contact Ms. Golnaz Ghodrati at 09123092923 - Fee 6000 tomans per...