World Veterinary Day-2015


World Veterinary Day:

The oldest substantial documents reflecting official and professional health care for domesticated animals in Persia go back to around 200AD. - during the Sassanian Reign. Rural and civic use of animals for cultivation, transportation, and army purposes were extremely popular. Surgeons and medical staff were constantly trained and organized to deal with such demand. The most modern administration of such routine care was officially announced by establishment of the first veterinary school in 1932 in Persia. (The name Persia was later changed to Iran in 1935 by the official request of the Iranian Parliament in the United Nations meeting). In the year 2000, The World Veterinary Organization nominated its official World Veterinary Day to be the last Saturday in the month of April of every year. The focus of this day is the welfare of animals around the world. We find this opportunity to thank all the animal-lovers and protectors, who in many ways have caused relief to any animal in need. Of course, our special thanks and appreciation goes to our own medical staff here at VAFA under the supervision of DR. Abedi . We wish everyone happiness in the new year, and hope for a better world where humans and animals find the tolerance to live in peace together.
Vafa Animal Shelter team.

--poster designed by Nazanin Arandi

Earth Day-2015

earth day-2015

Honoring Earth
Since 1970, April 22nd has been observed as Earth Day in celebration of birth of the movement to protect the environment. Before that date only small voices were raised here and there against the damages of pollution caused by humans. Air and water pollution were accepted facts of life. Silent Spring, a book by Rachel Carson in 1962 could be considered the first direct and effective wake up call in this field. In this book, she reveals the water and soil pollution, and subsequent destruction of species of birds and our world without their songs.
The idea to dedicate a day as Earth Day was first suggested in 1969 by Gaylord Nelson, a Senator from Wisconsin, after a major oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. This movement has been active ever since and recently due to climate change has gained more attention and urgency.
We at Vafa, salute environment protection dedicates and their hard work, and announce our cooperation and fellowship in achieving their goals.

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World Animals Spay Day 2015


Every year, in our country, Iran, many dogs are killed under the pretext of their upsurge. Yet, every year, animal lovers who are especially keen to help dogs, attempt myriad endeavors to save their lives and prevent these brutal mass killings, despite the innumerable challenges along the way.

But, we do not give up, because it is upon us to help these innocent animals and ensure the safety of these residents of our towns and cities.

Vaccinations, as well as spaying and neutering of dogs, are one of the solutions for controlling the rise in the number of dogs. We are determined to vaccinate, spay, and neuter as many dogs as possible to minimize the unjust killing of our fellow beings at the hands of the "officials" who apparently do not respect the lives of these creatures.

It is our responsibility to protect these dogs from an unnecessary and inhumane fate. Therefore, we want to usurp the opportunity, leading up to the International Day of Spaying/Neutering of Dogs, and save as many of them as we can.

Only through such a proven method from other countries, including several Muslim nations, that we can restrain the reproduction of dogs and ensure their healthy existence. First, by spaying/neutering, we can effectively curb the birth rate among dogs in a humane manner that is a far cry from the gruesome and vile ways used by the "officials" in Iran – which by the way have proven to be unsuccessful, and indeed quite atrocious. Second, by vaccinating the dogs, we can protect them against ailments and suffering, while also relieving the (wrongful) rationale that they are dangerous for humans.

Leading up to, and especially on the International Day of Spaying/Neutering of Dogs, we need to come together, as decent human beings, to protect the lives of these innocent creatures.

This is especially important because even after so many attempts to work with the "officials" of several cities, the municipalities and their contractors are still using wrongful, unhealthy, and appalling strategies that are at once harmful to civilization, animals, and the environment.

We call on you, our fellow citizens, to take up the task of helping and saving these dogs, so that we can usher Iran into a new era of caring for animals in a loving and wise manner that aligns with our historic principles and values.

Let us set the example for creating a world where humans can indeed live in peace, together, and with other beings, especially dogs that are their longest lasting companions.

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    Dear friends,
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    Dear friends,
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